Trusting the Lord



Such a short yet challenging word.

I’ve been convicted lately of my lack of trust. I’ve noticed my mouth tends to shout, “I trust you”, while my heart stays silent. It’s easy to fall prey of merely vocalizing trust in God while not really internalizing that trust and depending on God. Theoretical trust is merely a posture of the mind whereas practical trust is the humble bowing of the heart. And there’s no real trust unless it is one that harmoniously embraces both mind and heart.

There could be many reasons for why we may be lacking trust and for our faith being more of a superficial external display of spirituality than a solid anchoring of our hearts to God’s love.

We may be going through a tough situation and we don’t see a way out; we may feel dejected and distanced from God; we may feel like His promises are not taking shape in our lives; we might be waiting on an answer to a prayer; on guidance from Him on some matter but we still don’t receive an answer, etc. All these and many more could be affecting our faith and trust in God.

It could be too that the everyday hustle of life has diminished your faith a bit. We might not know for certain. It could be many things.

But whatever the reason, whenever our trust in God decreases it sure increases somewhere else.

It is inversely proportional. The decreased amount of trust in God flows proportionally into something else. It might be in ourselves, in our spouses, our jobs, our strength or our money. It doesn’t matter what, what matters is that God is no longer the recipient of your trust.

And the moment we stop depositing all our trust in God we are actually committing an act of spiritual adultery, not to mention idolatry.

We live for things that are way smaller than God. We may be depositing our trust in many things we don’t even realize. He is faithful to us, yet by not fully trusting Him, all we’re doing is sleeping around with lovers like good reputation, love, honor — worthless recipient of our trust.

But it is adulterous to deposit our trust in our good reputation and believe that generating a good reputation will rescue us, or to believe that finding love will save us. But they won’t.

We are only shortchanging ourselves when we do this. We’re clinging to worthless idols when doing so.

And what’s even worse is this — we can’t help but sleep around. It’s our human nature. It’s in our DNA. Our totally depraved heart, stained by sin, will always stray away from God. This is what we do best: fail.

But amidst the despair shone a light. When we were dead in our trespasses and darkness held tight onto us Jesus shone forth and gave us life. Our sins may reach far but God’s grace reaches farther.

He first loved us when we couldn’t ever had. He substituted himself for us. He payed for all our sins. He imputed His holy righteousness unto us. He obeyed perfectly, gave us His perfect record, and now we appear before God as if we have forever perfectly obeyed. Jesus has forever appeased God’s holy and just wrath and now we are His children.

That’s why we can trust Him. That’s why we can safely cling to Him and never let go. Because He loves us like nobody else ever has nor will.

This can only bring us to to humbly exclaim, “Thank you Lord! How great thou art!”

Here are more reasons to trust God:

  1. He knows my name (Isaiah 43:1)
  2. He sees my every move (Psalm 139:7)
  3. He thinks about me (Psalm 139:17)
  4. He is with me (Joshua 1:9)
  5. He will fight for me (Exodus 14:14)
  6. He made me in His image (Genesis 1:27)
  7. He is my safe place (Psalm 62:6-8)
  8. He has a plan for me (Jeremiah 29:11)
  9. He is good (Psalm 119:68)
  10. He is freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17)
  11. He is always with me (Matthew 28:20)

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