Trusting the Lord



Such a short yet challenging word.

I’ve been convicted lately of my lack of trust. I’ve noticed my mouth tends to shout, “I trust you”, while my heart stays silent. It’s easy to fall prey of merely vocalizing trust in God while not really internalizing that trust and depending on God. Theoretical trust is merely a posture of the mind whereas practical trust is the humble bowing of the heart. And there’s no real trust unless it is one that harmoniously embraces both mind and heart.

There could be many reasons for why we may be lacking trust and for our faith being more of a superficial external display of spirituality than a solid anchoring of our hearts to God’s love.


Are You Happy?


I love this picture. It reminds me of God’s grace. It’s so plain yet so true.

If you have tried to abide by the to-do lists but always fall short, if you are always trying to cut it but never really make it, if you feel the weight of legalism has enslaved you, if you feel you’ve tried to climb the ladder through works and meet God at the top, if you feel you have been stripped of your freedom, joy and happiness by those who tell you to “do more, try harder”, then something has to change. What needs to change is you trying to be your own superman and saviour. You don’t have to climb the ladder to God through your to-do lists and rules because God himself already came down the ladder to meet you at the bottom. Change your focus from you to Him. Change your trust from yourself to Him. Only in Him is true happiness found.